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U.P. Volunteer Firefighters Assoc.
U P Firefighters Assoc General rules
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U P Firefighters Assoc General rules
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General Rules  Of the
Upper Peninsula Volunteer Firefighters Association
1. The annual tournament shall be held under the auspices of the Upper Peninsula Volunteer Firefighter's Association, but the preparation of the same shall be given to thc host firemen and the citizens of the city at which the tournament is sponsored.
2. Each tcam entering the contest must consist of members who hawe belonged to their rcspcctive departipents at least 1 year and be 18 years of age. Twelve monlhs equal 1 year; also previous year's roster will be used.
3. Only members of the U.P.V.F.A. are to compete for any prize.
4. Each contest to be awarded at least three (3) places, and prize money to be paid by the host department.
5. All work to be done by hand only. Snaps, spring and unproportional coupIing, or any attachment to assist. in breaking, barred.
6. Dress parade, races, nightshirt parade, and commercial parade will be considered for monetary points and overall trophy.
7. All competing teams to take part in at least four (4) races and to take part in the Dress Parade. for prizes, unless excused by the Executive Committee.
8. All races to be judged by race rules.
9. All qucstions of dispute to be referred to the Execuiive Committee, and their decisions to be final.
10. The. Executive Committee of the Association shall have the power to make such arrangements at the tournament as are not provided in these rules and regu1ations.
11. The host department to select three (3) timekeepers and a starter to be approved by the Executive Committee.
12.All protests must be made in writing at the next meeting of the Executive Committee after the race. If any protest shall be entered against any team on the ground of violation of Rulc 2 or Rule 20, or any other rule, then the team or members so protested against, shall show to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee, that there is not cause for such protest and in the event of the protested team or members shall, upon conviction, have not time declared against time made in protested races.
13. The Executive Committee shall be the judge of all races.
14. No judge. timekeeper, or starter shall be allowed to bet or buy pools in the   result   of any race.
15.When any member of a team cannot take part in a race on account of sickness or unforeseen  cause, the captain of said team shall have the power to fill said vacancies with any eligible    member of his department.

16. In the case of ties team captains will obey rule of the races as set by the host department and approved by the Executive Committee. Ties for first place only will be rerun.
17.. Captains of teams entering races must have a certificate showing that they have compiled with Rule 2; and the certifcate to be banded to the Executive Committee on first day
of the tournament with affidavit attached thereto.
18. Captains or member of racing team shall meet with the Executive Corrdnittee immediately after the Annual Meeting to draw starting places in the races.
19. Any department or member thereof attempting to win any race or prize by deception, fraud, fouI play, or in any dishonorable disobey, infringe upon, or evade any of the requiremcnts or the rules or regulations will be barred from further competition.
20. Any member of the Association using profane or indecent language an the track shall be barred from all competiton.
21 No person shall be allowed on the track, except the competing team, judges, umekeepers and starters
22. Awards and badges of Personal Fire Service Achievements presented by fire departmcnts, governmental units or from Fire Associations are acceptable, including nametags, for wearing during thc Dress Parade.
23. The following service stnpes and stars shall be accepted as regulation for this Association, to be worn on the Left sleeve of the uiiform. One (1) stripe, ” x 1 ” for each 5 years of service. One (1) gold star for each 20 years of service, and 1 silver star for each additionaI 5 years of service.
24.Amancan flag shoulder patches 2 1/4" x 3 1/2" shall be worn on the shoulder 1 inch below the shoulder seam. All members will have the patch on ihe same side.
 25.Any questions about the various events of the tournament should be addressed to the executive committee--under no cicumstanses should the host committee be questioned about rule interpretations. 

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