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U.P. Volunteer Firefighters Assoc.

Annual Meeting Ironwood

Annual Meeting Ironwood.
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Minutes of 2006 annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the U.P. Volunteer firefighters Association was held July 27 2006 at the Ironwood theater. President Ted Finco called the meeting to order at 2:00pm CDT.

Rev. Pepin of Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church read the invocation. Followed by the pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence for deceased firefighters. The Firefighters Prayer with music was played and the Tribute to a Firefighter was read by 2nd V. Chairperson Chet Swenski.

The Firefighter of the year Award was presented to Mike and John Reynolds of the Houghton Vol. F.D. by President Finco. A welcome address was presented by Chief Ken Jacobson of the Ironwood Vol. FD and Introduction of local officials including Sheriff Larry Sanders, Mayor Bruce Noreen, Bob erspamer, Director Ironwood PS, Scott Erickson City Manager and Jim Loeper Emerg. Services Director.

A long list of Fire service pesonnel from Michigan including Andy Newman, firemarshal, Joe Bretza FFTC director, Gretchen Whitmer State Senator, Cris Craft, Paul Wilcox NVFFA, John White MFFA Pres. Kevin Perlot FFTC chairperson, and Dale Hardy investigator, among others present.

Roll Call of officers- with Finco, C. Swenski, K. Jacobson, B. Black, T. Gasperich and Graham Present, Pat Boberg 1st V. President not in attendance.

Credentials Committee repored 57 department paid, 1313 members and 24 racing teams registerd. Roll call of delegates shows 64 delegates representing 40 Volunteer Fds attending the meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting and Treasurers report were read and approved as published. Committee reports\license plate issue is dead until a new

Sec. Of State would come into office. A long discussion involing many of the state digitaries about cross training with Wisconsin, firefighter retention, new programs developed and training requirements developed.

Next tournament site was discussed with Alpha Mastadon-Amasa for 2007, Houghton for 2008 and Florence Wi and Ontonagon bidding on 2009. Calumet and Crystal Falls expressing interest in 2010.

Motion By Champion and Alpha-Mastadon that all present officers step up. Unan.

3rd Vice chairperson election Greg Austin Chassell, and Bob Tervanen Ironwood= elected.

Motion to retain P Graham as Sec. By Watersmeet and Chassell, unan

Motion to retain T. Gasperich Houghton and Bessemer Twp. Unan

destroy ballotts by Breitung Twp and Laurium, Unan.

Adjournment motion by West Iron County. The race order drawing took place immediately after the meeting.

Pearce  Graham, UPVFFA, Sec.